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Dear Director Brennan,

The Anthology was beyond amazing. Sure, it was a bit "homemade" as you said but the content was incredible. I had no idea that the deuce existed! I didn't know that whole scene even existed. I am Latino, Puerto Rican, to be exact, but I was, I guess, privileged to some degree. I came from a traditional family with traditional values, mom, dad, siblings, career goals, church and all the rest. Seeing these amazing young men, doing what they needed to do to survive, socialize, be accepted into some type of family dynamic was quite a moving and emotional experience for me. I mentioned in an earlier email, I am a medical professional and I treat HIV, Hepatitis C, and provide PrEP, primarily for men who have sex with men. I am very empathic with my community and your Anthology made me wish I could reach out and embrace these young men in a show of support and even solidarity. True, I am around the age of your older models having been young in the '80's but I have always wanted to help people. At the same time, being that age, young, naive and hypersexual in the 80's, I might have been caught up in the scene, not for money, per se, but for social acceptance. It was a time when young Latino men were not allowed to explore their sexual being and embrace themselves without guilt or shame. These young men made a safe haven, on some level, in the deuce, teaching each other survival skills. I loved them as super hot performers no matter what their sexuality is, but more so, because the Anthology showed me the human side of them. First disc, I was enthralled by how the LFC was born and evolved and grew into something bigger. Your candid story showed me someone who appreciated are particular human form, finding beauty in it. For me, this was a difficult time, back in the '80's, where men I found attractive didn't want me. White men wanted black men or other white men, black men wanted white men. I didn't fit either mold. I found Latino men attractive but they were either partnered, too macho to even approach so I wouldn't dare even think they could be interested or too flamboyant for my taste. Looking back now, there were a few of them who were probably interested but there intense masculinity through me off the trail. Hey, I was really THAT naive. But you had vision!! You tapped into a community no one else would or did! You are an original!! Absolutely no one can compete with you! This sounds like flattery and, in part, it is. But let's keep it real. The big, major porn industry all look alike. Hot muscle Mary's, the Chelsea type, following a clearly orchestrated script and flipping around to a predictable outcome. Most people who watch these don't look like them and fantasize about them. But these Chelsea types would never touch the ordinary man. You, however, took the ordinary, day to day, Latino guy and created a reality! Eroticism could be clearly seen in your average man, Latino, at that! These are the men we see every day, everywhere we go, someone we could possibly have, even!! And their candidness, their sexual orchestration that resembles reality in the bedroom, or gym, or wherever, created a unique fantasy that big porn could never achieve. To me, this was much more erotic!! I watched as newer performers came on the scene. (That's when the 2nd disc stopped) But each young man had a similar story. I was thrilled to be able to see a personal side of these guys; a little more than the performer on the screen, but a human being with a story. I was truly touched by how you stayed in touch with them over the years! I was touched to see how you had them over for dinners, for birthdays. You gave them family! Wow, just wow! It was so great to see Rico Suave today!! I wondered what happened to the older stars, the originals who did everything to fulfill the fantasy, who, in my opinion, were much more erotic than the newer ones (who had more sexual limitations). I actually met Midnight, Ivan, on Staten Island where I live. You have no idea what a thrill that was for me. He was muscular and gorgeous beyond belief. And each time, he approached me. He never flirted or even hinted at anything sexual, nor did he tell me who he was. I saw him at a deli once and he commented on or recommended something I can't remember to save my life. I only gawked at him. Another time, I saw him in the emergency room with a woman and a child, his, I presume. Oh well, there goes the fantasy. The third time, was on the ferry. I was fairly fit at the time, always well dressed, and I had a backback called a bobble or something like that. It was made in Sweden out of the same material as motorcycle helmets. He noticed and started talking to me. He asked me if I ever went to "Two Potato." I told him a bit about my house and he said he does some construction and made some kind of recommendation. We exchanged phone numbers. OMG, I thought. I called him after a couple of days and not knowing what to say, I asked him about the product he recommended. He, politely repeated what he said previously, but it seemed that he did not really expect me to call. That was that. I saw Tiger Tyson twice. Once he was on the L train heading through Brooklyn like I was. I was sitting directly in front of him and no one else was in the car. I am sure he noticed I was looking and he moved into the next car. I guess I got off easy compared to someone on St. Mark's place. He threatened to kick someone in the chest. I think a guy recognized him and said something and Tiger was with a girl. That was not cool. You always have the disclaimer that specifies that the performances don't reflect the actor's sexual orientation. About 3 or 4 years ago, I think I saw Freeman on the 5 train leaving the Bronx. I can't be 100% sure because this guy was bigger than I thought Freeman would be. But the braid was a big indicator! I saw this hot guy sitting in the single seat in the corner. I was going to sit in front of him, then moved to sit in the middle of the larger bench when I realized that he could be Freeman. So, I went back and sat down in the single seat in front of him. He noticed and jokingly mentioned something about me not knowing where I should sit. I replied something about it being better to sit in the single seat and avoid being squeezed in between people. He chuckled and I tried to keep him engaged in conversation a bit but he closed down. Oh well, if it was Freeman, I would be triply disappointed. The guy was still hot, anyway. I guess all were wishful fantasies. Anyway, I am very long winded but I wanted to commend you for your work, your art form, your originality, your award. But I want to say, if no one else has, that you are an icon in the industry. It seems to me, and I hope I am wrong, that you are underappreciated, underrated, underrecognized amongst your peers, many of whom cannot come equal to you. You deserve to be among the most legendary producers in the industry because, as I said earlier, you ventured where no one else dared and filled many with a unique world of sexual fantasy. If you ever think about another anthology type of production, consider having a reunion of all the stars with an individual sit down interview about their lives back then, where they are today and who they really are! Let us see their human side. We can love them all the more!! -----E. C., N.Y., N.Y.