Suzie and a few of her very closest friends. Suzie's the pleasantly "plumb" one
At the end of the day at the beach, Miss Butch somehow forgot Miss LaPomme. She had to guard the girls changing room we found out later.

BEST FRIENDS, SUZIE and DONNA had a little falling out just before the school term ended. Donna nagged her mom and dad until they agreed to pay for summer camp for Donna--AND allow her to skip the last two weeks of school to buy "the essential clothes" required for roughing it at camp, as she put it. Donna hated to admit it, but she didn't tell Suzie about her going to Summer Camp Cowamungus (near Paramus. New Jersey) for fear Suzie would tag along and spoil her fun... Now Suzie believes the rumor spread by Mary deJesus that Donna did something terrible and was sent off to a facility for Juvenile Offenders somewhere upstate. Mary provided Suzie the address and here's the letter Suzie sent to Donna:

Suzie says she misses Donna
Stuck in the sand
Peephole "revelations"
Dear Donna,

Hi, girlfriend, how're you? I really miss seeing you around. What is it like at the "state school"? Do you have your own room? Is the food good? Are there nice boys? When are you coming home?

It's been real boring here. I went to Orchard Beach with Mary deJesus last week. We had an okay time. We saw a lot of the boys from school, Jesus Hernandez, Jesus Mendoza, Jesus Perez and Jesus Rivera. They were asking about you -- but I don't want to tell you what they were asking!!!

Anyway, Miss Butch and Miss LaPomme were at the beach that day. Miss Butch had a real hard time pushing Miss LaPomme's wheelchair in the sand. A couple of times it tipped over and some lifeguards came over to help her get it and Miss LaPomme upright again, but Miss Butch glared at them and told them to "F**k off!" if you get what I'm sayin. It was real sad. Miss Butch is real protective of Miss LaPomme.

Mary deJesus showed me the peephole where you can look into the boys' changing room. boy, it was real interesting. You can see them taking their clothes off and when they turn just right you can see their you-know-whats. I found out there's one to the girls' changing room, too. Mary deJesus was going to show me but we went by it three times and Miss Butch was standing by it each time, so we got scared. I guess she was standing there to keep the boys away from it.

Jesus Hernandez walked me under the boardwalk and asked me if I liked jocks. I said I liked all boys, whether they were athletic-minded or not. He kinda looked at me and said no, I mean a jock strap. I was real embarrassed because I didn't know what he meant. He pulled down his swim trunks and he had on this mesh thing with a strap around his waist. I guess I must have blushed because he looked down and noticed that one of his testa.. tis... balls was outside the mesh because he pulled the thing down and rearranged his you-know-what inside. He had a real big you-know-what with lots of thick black curly hair around it. I guess it must have been hot out because I felt real warm down there -- under the boardwalk, I mean -- and I said we'd better go back. he wasn't very happy but he did walk me back to my blanket and said he'd get back to me later, but he never came back. Why do the boys always do that to me?

Now that you're gone for awhile, I don't have anyone to share girltalk with. Like for instance, have you tried the new Kotex minipads yet? I got the ones with the three adhesive strips. The only thing is, when I take them off, they pull some of the hairs off my you-know-what and it hurts. I think I'm going to use tampons, even though my mother says nice girls don't use them.

Jesus Muneca, he's the one at the sink next to mine in Home Yecch!, was at the beach, too. Some of the guys were teasing him because he shaves his legs. He said it's much cooler in the summer than having lots ofthick curly hair all over your legs, but it did look kinda queer, I think, sorta like a flat chested girl. I guess he wasn't feeling too good because he kept going in the mens' room and staying for a long time.

I got junior year pictures from some of the boys and I'll mail them to you to look at, but you have to promise to send them back to me. I mean it!!

I sure wish I had a boyfriend but they all want only one thing -- and my father said I couldn't let anyone drive his car.

Mary Sanchez said she went out with Jesus Melendez and he made her put his you-know-what in her mouth. She said it didn't taste too bad, kinda like cheese, but then it started getting hard and it was hurting the back of her throat and she got scared and she made him take it out. Mary deJesus said that was okay because it kept your tonsils from growing. I don't believe it because Mary deJesus has a bad reputation -- and I happen to know she had her tonsils out in the third grade.

Let me know if you need anything up at 'the school'. I could send you some of my father's cigarettes. I heard you can use them to bribe the screws!! Gee, I hope they don't read your incoming mail! Take good care of yourself and let me hear from you real soon. I mean it!!!!

Your bestest friend,

Donna's mother is concerned, Donna responds, Suzie wants to be a model... and more...
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