The Latino Fan Club is pleased to announce the web premiere of Julian Anthony Guerra's

premiering here, today, March 19th, 2010 at 3pm

This rare classic has not been in circulation for many years. Now it has been digitally re-mastered, color corrected and restored and will be presented uncensored and complete. Here's what has been written about JACKNIVES:

They are the street hustlers, young, hot-blooded and ready to rumble! Hard as nails and rouch around the edges. JACKNIVES follows the lives and loves of nearly a dozen young Latino men as they strut their hard bodies and sexy charm through a sweaty summer on the streets of New York City.

At once a shocking exploration of streetboy sexuality and a tender look at friendship and loyalty in a world where neither truly exists. JACKNIVES is the first feature-length video to examine the raw sensuality and moral ambiguity of these true-to-life Puerto Rican, Dominican and Cuban homeboys, handpicked from Times Square area hip-hop clubs and hustler bars.

Sensitive, starry-eyed Bobby has fallen hard for his free-spirited ruffneck buddy Carlos (played by popular skin-mag model, Midnite). But Bobby is haunted by a secret past he shares with the darkly handsome construction worker Darius (intensely portrayed by legendary superstar Romeo Castillo). It is a mystery which slowly unravels until the truth is revealed on the razor edge of a homeboy's jacknife.

xxx-rated. Scene photos will appear here in about a week! JACKNIVES is not available on DVD and can ONLY be seen here, March 19th.