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Note: These are real stories emailed to us by CLUB MEMBERS. Only minimal editing is done (some grammar, spelling, etc.) so regard this as amateur, personal accounts... and ENJOY! P.S. Email us YOUR true sex adventure and we'll send you a FREE LFC DVD..... to: latinofans@aol.com

NEW: JAN. 2014: (Editor's note: I'm not so sure as to the authenticity of this "true" story... you be the judge:)

It was another ordinary day at high school. I was in French class and it was boring as always. At the sound of the bell I was happy to finally leave the class. I packed my things and left last. My teacher said goodbye to me but I couldn’t reply since I was coughing. So he grabbed me by the arm and told me goodbye again, I didn’t find it normal for him to grab me by the arm that way, I said bye. But he told me again to come inside his class. My teacher was a tall black-haired latino, in his early 40s, he was different from all the other teachers, I can’t explain how, he just was. Anyways, he told me to go to his desk and wait there he said he’d be back and locked me in his class. 10 minutes passed and I was bored out of my mind. His laptop was on the corner of his desk, open. My mind told me to check his history, for curiosity so I thought why not. I shouldn’t have done that, it was full of all kinds of porn. I wanted to leave this class all I knew was that I didn’t want to be alone in this class with him. A few moments later he entered the classroom.
“I need to talk to you about your behaviour.” He said.
“What behaviour? I never did anything.”
“Exactly, he said. All your classmates participate, have good grades and care about this class. Why so you think you’re so special?”
I glared at him.
“Alright, he said. Turn around. If you refuse to do anything I tell you, you will fail your class and I’ll make sure of that.”
I couldn’t believe my ears. I thought those things only happened in naughty movies. Anyways, I turned around like I was told to.
I felt his hand caress my back, and going lower.
“You can’t do this it isn’t right”
“You’re 16, you don’t know what’s right.”
He pulled my pants down and lifted up my leg one by one, taking my pants off. Revealing my black thong.
“Your ass is amazing.”
“Sir, aren’t you married? I’m pretty sure this is considered cheating.”
He slapped my ass. Hard enough to leave a mark. He then squeezed and played with my ass, then kissed, and bit it.
“Bend over on my desk.”
He didn’t give me time to do it, he got up and bent me over himself. He pulled my thong aside, and gently licked from my balls, then to my ass.
“This isn’t right” I said.
From a gentle lick, he went to violently eating my ass out and introduced a finger, then two into my butt hole. Fingering me hard and fast while biting and licking my butt cheeks. I was panting and moaning.
“Stop complaining. I know you’re enjoying this.”
He pulled my thong down and off, took off his pants and rubbed and slapped his dick on my ass.
“Say goodbye to your virginity” and shoved his dick as deep as he could into my butt. I moaned and screamed.
“Who said I was a virgin?”
He grabbed my hair and thrust into me. He was so big.
He grabbed my hips and flipped me over and took my school shirt and my bra off. He rubbed his dick on my "boy-pussy", then pushing in the tip, and going deeper and deeper with each thrust.

(From a fan whose English is not so good!)

I was sitting once on a crowded bus when I realized that there was a man who kept looking at me. As soon as he realized the answer to his looks he approached me and leaned against me-- (he started rubbing his cock on my shoulders.) At that moment I was so excited that he asked him to take his cock out. He took.
Even with the crowded bus and one person on my side (who was sleeping) I masturbated until he would enjoy in my hands. I did not know where to clean, but it was so exciting that did not care about getting my hands full of cum. Soon after that we went to the back of the bus. There we exchanged phone and we marked to trap a few times. But that's another story. It's as crazy as it sounds, it really happened.


I worked at a firm in downtown Chicago and there was a black male that always gave me a lot of attention. One day i walked up to his desk and his dick was half way to his knee. I allowed him to catch me starring at it and he stuck his tongue out at me. When i got back to my desk he sent me an instant message saying he not getting it at home from his wife. So i suggested that he get a guy to take care of his sexual needs. He said he never did that and I offered to do it. We went on a vacant floor and i sucked his dick so good that when he got his nut he got light-headed. I now suck it about once a week. Now he wants to fuck me and i am not sure if I am ready for that. He has about 10 inches nice and fat too. I hope you enjoyed my true story.


Hot Summer Day at Black's Beach

One Summer (in July) not only was I mad horny and and as usual needed to relieve myself but I decided to go to my favorite spot at Black's Beach. That beach is where you can find ass, dick, whatever! Finally getting there and going down that huge hill I started to get naked, as I was walking along the beach I saw this hott-ass Latino boy walking and checking me out and looking at my dick. Of course I hadn't jacked off yet and being horny, my dick got hard instantly and I can see in his eyes he wanted to mess around with me. I kept on walking around but where to get his attention and he followed me to where there was a quite spot down at the beach. He immediately started sucking my dick; sucking it like it was his last day on earth working his tongue all around my 9 inches. It was so hot I was sweating and so was he. I felt so dirty and like we were two animals but I loved the perversion between us! He asked me did I know Spanish and I told him yes so we begin started sexually talking in Spanish back and forth... " Te lo gusta papi" he said and I said "si papi MAS MAS seguir adelante!" Damn he knew how to suck some dick he was taking all of my 9 inches in his little mouth. It was turning me on completely. He was sexy. He had a smooth bald head, sexy green eyes, nice ass body with tattoos and piercings, and a nice ass which is also a turn on! As he kept sucking my dick, I reached my hands over to his ass and was fingering him thinking how great it will feel and be fucking this guy. Damn! I kept saying to myself as my fingers are penetrating his hole. His hole was warm and wet, felt like a panocha! Finally he asked me did I want to fuck him and I told him hell yeah papi, of course he said he wanted my black babies inside of him which that kind of talk turns me on. As I lubed up with my saliva I put a grip on my dick and he was flat out face down on the ground with his hairy round ass in the air just hungry to be raped! LOL..I didn't care where we were at. I wasted no time dicking him down as I rush my 9 into is tight swallowing ass, felt like I was going to pass out cause it was so good. As we're fucking he seem like he was into a little role play or something because he wanted me to pretend like I was raping him and kept saying "dame tu bebes" and as he kept talking dirty to me I was going deeper and harder than ever. Our two sweaty masculine hard hormone bodies rubbing together it was awesome! So I wrapped my arms around his neck and giving to him what this "papi negro" knows how to do. He started moaning and sticking his ass out more and soon I started to cum and he said "ME LO EMBARAZADAS POR FAVOR PAPI!! So I gave it ALL to him felt so good relieve myself in his slutty Latino ass!

Posted: 6/15/09:

It was a usual warm May night. It was late & quiet except for the waves crashing on the beach & the coquis chirping all around. A soft ocean breeze was blowing from the ocean up across the sand towards the moon lighted wall at the end of Carrion Court. There was a full moon, a full "silvery" full moon.

Years before, this spot was where Arcos Blancos Guesthouse had stood across Carrion Court from Senator Carrions now abandoned mansion. I lived only a block away on Calle Taft, and came down here to cruise at night. Shadows from the wall around Senator Carrion's old classic Spanish garden made where I was sitting dark. I could stand on my tip toes to see over the wall and into the garden with it's once beautiful fountain still in it's center. Bushes had grown out of control, and shadowy places surrounded the garden. It was mysterious and sensuous at the same time. You could smell sweet flowers & hear the coquis chirping....both the smells & the sounds seemed enticing. It was then that I noticed an opening in the wall of garden beside the mansion.....even more enticing.

I climbed through the overgrown side yard, and entered the garden. It was a almost like daytime because of the full silver moon. I walked around the fountain & stood still looking towards the opening in the wall. A figure appeared, a young trigeno colored man. I could tell from his outfit of dressy shirt & slacks that he had been out on a date. He was wearing silky black slacks & a striped black and white shirt....unusually bold & wide stripes. He slowly walked around the fountain towards me in the brightness of the moon.

We both knew why we were each there at 2:00 am in the morning. I wanted sex, he wanted sex, and we were drawn to each other like moths to a candle. Neither of us hesitated for even a second as we reached out to grope each other. Just as smoothly, our lips joined & our tongues went into each others mouths. He was beautiful, classically beautiful as only a Puerto Rican can be in their youth & vigor. He took my hand & led me to the far end of the garden. There was a raised concrete platform against the wall. I sat on it & unzipped his slacks....undid the waist band.....and, let them slide half way down his thighs. His fabulous uncut cock was still covered by his boxer shorts.....but, fully erect. I reached up inside the leg of his shorts & lifted them over his thick dark hard cock letting his balls come down over my hand. I slid my mouth gently down the shaft, took a deep breath, and smoothly swallowed until his monster cock went all the way down my throat. My eyes watered, but I did not gag. He lifted me & I stood on the concrete platform above him. My cock was already dripping from the excitement of sucking on his perfect cock. My shorts were around my ankles & my t-shirt pulled back over my head. He worked on my cock & ran his hands over my chests until I had to stop him for fear this magical time would end too quickly. We switched places, and he let me suck and lick his balls & shaft. He had opened his striped shirt & revealed a perfect torso.

Then, without any notice, another young man appeared and sat down between his legs & began blowing me as I sucked on my dream man. The young man sitting in front of me was another beauty. I was sucking & being sucked by two 20 something rican hotties.

While we were working our magic, we were joined by a tall young stud who stood behind me chewing on my neck & shoulders. The young man in front of me stopped working on my to suck on the this new tall hottie. He went back & forth sucking on us while I never quit sucking on the beauty standing above me. It was a like a dream sequence, a sex fantasy come true. Three gorgeous hot passionate young ricans with fantastic cocks, tight young bodies, beautiful faces, & I was in the center of the action

Then, the truly magical moment. The tall slim stud began wetting my bung hole with his spit. I am being sucked by a master, sucking an Adonis, and a tall handsome stud is filling my bung hole with his saliva & working his finger into me.

After that, it all became a blur of passion unleashed. I felt his huge cock slide into my ass & could taste the sweet huge load of cum gushing out of the cock in my mouth. I exploded into the mouth of young cocksucker....and, could feel my entire body going spastic.....quivering in total ecstasy.

Slowly, very slowly, we all exhaled, smiled and withdrew our cocks from each other's orifices. I looked up into the face of the beautiful young man I began with, and he was like a god in the moon light. His tight body glimmered with perspiration, his shirt down off of his shoulders. He bent towards me, lifted me from under my arms towards him, and gently kissed me on the lips. He smiled and said "Happy Birthday".

Without reservation, I can truly say that was the most wonderful sexual experience of my life....bar none. A perfect night, a perfect place, three perfect young Boricuas......and, a full moon.....in May.

My birthday is in January.

I have many many great sex stories from living so many years (12) in Puerto Rico, but this was my greatest sexual experience. Of course, I have many stories from my many trips to Santo Domingo also. Damn, I've lived a good life.....and, am still making memories.

J.P.M.- San Francisco, CA


Hey guys,

I'm sending you this true story, as required to receive a free DVD from your website, theoriginallatinofanclub.com. It's a really hot site, I must say, but I think the "Trade Secrets" series is the hottest yet!

Anyway, let me begin by telling you a bit about myself: I'm 36, 6'1, blond hair/green eyes, & ever since I was a young lad growing up in my hometown of Los Banos, California, I've been in love w/ the Latinos. My hometown is full agricultural workers, namely Mexicans, & as far as I can recall, the thought of those dark, sweaty men have gotten my dick hard. By the time I was in my mid 20's, I began getting into trouble with the law & eventually ended up in the state prison system. My first few sentences were served at places like Folsom Prison & Corcoran State Prison, which, fortunately for me, are packed to the gills with smokin' hot Latin men, tattooed, mustached, & constantly working out on the yard in shorts & no shirt. Most "lifers", Hispanic & not, understand the fact that they'll never get out, which means no more pussy, & I soon learned that if I wanted to have my mouth wrapped around a nice, fat, uncut brown cock, I'd get after those guys w/ the life sentences.
One day, I was sweeping the 1st tier in my cellblock, when a guy in his cell called out to get my attention. I took my time, but went to his cell, & what I saw made mouth water: Manuel Zavala. I'd seen him out on the yard many times & asked around about him, but was told that he wasn't into guys at all, & even though I gave up, I still stole a glance at his fine ass in the shower, a strip of fine black fur peeking out from between his asscheeks. If I was lucky, I'd be able to get a peek at his soaped-up dick & balls, even if for just a second. At any rate, I still fantasized about his naked ass on my bunk, cock in hand, directing me to his dickhead or his furry butthole. So when I went to his cell, I noticed that his cellmate wasn't in the cell; he was all alone. He asked me if I had been asking about him from his "homies", & if so, what did I want to know? I was on the defense & wanted to deny it, but I knew that if I did, I might be passing up a golden-brown opportunity. I admitted that I thought he was fucking way hot & even got bold enough to say that if given the chance, I'd be open to whatever he wanted. He laughed & said that he used to get his dick sucked by a guy out on the streets, but only when he was high. I asked if he liked it & he said, "If I didn't like it, why would I keep doing it"? I felt my dick start to grow & sure enough, so did he. He laughed & said, "Do you want to suck my dick, Johnny"? I nodded & told him quietly thru the side of his cell door that I was gonna stay in my cell the next day when the yard release bell went off, & if he wanted a smokin' blow job, to come by then. All that day & nite, I wanted to pull my dick out & jack off while picturing his cock fucking my face, but fought the urge.
The next day, he nodded to me in the chow hall, & I knew he'd be in my cell in a few hours. Sure enough, the majority of the building went to the yard, & just before my cell door shut for the next 2 hours, Manuel strolled in. I couldn't take my eyes off of him, & he laughed & told me that I was making him uncomfortable. I knew this to be untrue, because as he was saying this, he wastaking off his boots, & soon, he was on his back on my bunk, in just his boxers, his hand stroking his cock thru his underwear. He was moaning softly, asking what I was gonna do to his dick. His body was kickin', but his face was perfect too. His hair was jet black, cut short, almost in a crew cut, & his thick mustache sat atop his pink lip, & I so wanted to sit on his dick & kiss those sexy lips while he held my smooth, white ass open & fucked haed & deep. Instead, I rubbed his boner thru his shorts & kissed the outline of it, licking the length, & working down to his fat, warm balls. He held my head & worked his dickheadup to my mouth, the pre-cum touching my lips. I couldn't wait any longer, so I slowly peeled his white boxers from his body, his rock-solid erection springing free, standing straight up. His cock was a deep brown, & the head glistened with clear fluid. I pulled the thick, dark foreskin back, revealing a fat, purple dickhead. I slowly stroked his dick with my hand, watching his foreskin swallow the head up with each stroke upward. His balls were fat & hanging low between his hairy legs, the thick black pubic hair covering the area from his belly button down to his ass. I opened my mouth wide, & wrapped my lips around his beautiful brown cock. I felt it fill my mouth, & I also could feel more pre-cum coming from his dick. I grabbed the base of his dick & began deep throating his cock, which seemed to keep growing longer & fatter. It grew to about 8 inches, & I started to gag whenever he held my head & guided his dick in & out, fucking it slow & deep, like if he were fucking his lady's pussy. He grunted w/ each thrust, & at times stopped w/ his dick stuffed up to the nuts in my mouth, which made my eyes water & my throat gagging. But his bush was right up against my nose, & as I smelled his sweaty crotch, I knew I wanted more. I stood him up & I knelt before him, hands on his ass while he fucked my mouth, slowly, then harder as he got ready to cum. He was pumping faster now, balls hitting my chin. He moaned that he was gonna cum, & his hands held my head while he dumped stream after stream of hot cum into my throat. His body shuddered, & he chuckled while he pulled his dick out of my mouth. My dick was rock hard & also dripping with pre-cum, & I thought that I'd love to stick it deep into his hairy brown ass, but was afraid to ask. I began to slowly stroke my stuff, when he asked, "What can I do to make you cum"? I said that I'd love to fuck his ass, to which he said, "Nah, I don't get fucked, but can you cum if I let you eat my ass"? Within seconds, I had him on his back, his ass on the edge of my bunk, my face just an inch from his spread open ass. He held his legs back while I laid my tongue flat against the crack of his furry ass, & wet the length of it, going up to his nuts, down to where the butthole hair stopped under his hole. Once his brown hole was slick with spit, I spit on my hand & stroked my already wet dick slowly, trying not to cum too soon. I looked up past his balls & saw that he was jacking his dick too & grinding his ass into my face. The scent drove me wild; the sight of this hot ass open before me sending me closer to shooting my cum onto the floor. Not wanting this to end, I put a hand on each cheek & pushed his ass as far apart as I could, & began to tongue-fucking his hole. I could only get the tip inside his hole, but by now he was meeting my tongue with thrusts of his own, his low moans coming quicker now. He was hard again, begging me to cum with him. His balls bouncing up & down w/ each stroke of his hand, I could hold back no longer. I stood up, & pulled on my dick a few last times, until I shot warm ropes of hot cum onto his slippery asshole. He grunted one last time, his dick spraying cum onto his brown, tattooed belly. I leaned over him, eating his sperm off of him. The yard recall bell rang, signalling that the door would open in 10 minutes for the inmates to return. We cleaned up & talked a bit, & he went back to his own cell. My cellmate came in, & knowing what was up with me, grinned & asked me what had happened. I told him detail for detail, all the while still savoring the feel & the scent of his ass on my mouth....


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"First Time":
See my boyfriends first time was not planned or anything and it wasn't me who gave him any i am still a virgin. Anyway see him and his ex-boyfriend where going to the Oklahoma State Fair which is every year in September. After a nice walk around the fair grounds and playing games it was time to play a game that was unexpected. See Marcus(my BF) was sitting in the drivers seat when his ex BF Chris was sitting in the passenger seat. Chris suddenly puts his hand on Marcus's thigh then he moves down to his crouch, where he is soon to be shocked cause i know i was. then Chris asked Marcus if he had sex before and Marcus told him no he hadn't and that that was on his list. so then Chris ask him if he wanted to stay at his house and he said sure why not. Well after a few slow dances and body banging, Chris pulls out a condom and says to Marcus Use it NOW! well Marcus his afraid but he had no reason to be. He said after about for or five nuts which i believe cause my baby can go he said he called it quits. Unlike his ex-Bf he said he laid there and thought man this is not how i pictured my First time So me being generous i gave him a candle night rose petal in-cent night that lasted all night and part of the next day. but man did we have fun now all he wants was to have his first time with me over and over again. Cause i got that Good Shit.