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Above: "Art" imitates life, real life! Scenes from M. Vic Mann's production of "TRADE SHOW" which is available in our store...
There are many video features to be found on our DIRECTORY pages with M.VIC MANN. "For a good time"--check them out!
  • M. Vic Mann passed away this past September 29th. If “Vic” is “looking down” now “from above” I know he’s been wondering why it has taken me so long to put up his “Memorial Tribute”-- it’s been a whole week! He made me promise I would make a special section on our website about him for his many fans. He also wanted me to have his favorite Latin studs go to his grave on his birthday every year and jerk off on his grave! I wish I could arrange that, Vic, but I cannot promise that!

    I’ve been lucky over the years to make new friends that were already fans of my work. They would introduce themselves at our notorious Latino Fan Club parties in the early 90’s, or have one of my friends introduce them to me. I met Vic that way, way back around 1986. Even then one of the first things he told me was that he believed he was living on “borrowed time” --his health was compromised by his over-indulgence, in all things pleasurable, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. (”I would rather live like this and die early, than live longer, depriving myself of these pleasures and be miserable” he’d say.)

  • Over the years, I would take several trips with Vic first to Puerto Rico, and later we’d spend vacations in the Dominican Republic. Vic would take great delight whenever another tourist would recognize him from his many videos, which happened often. He loved the attention and was proud of his on-screen talents. He became involved with many of the available beach-boy hustlers, and their families, too. He would load up on gifts for his favorite boys before boarding a flight, and generously give watches, cell phones, sneakers, clothes and the like to the most deserving. He’d bring back the best rum and souvenirs, as well as polaroids of his naked conquests for us all to enjoy. (see his polaroids on the Directory page).

    Our birthdays were two days apart, so most every year of our long friendship we would celebrate the day between with a birthday dinner. Vic’s favorite eatery was the ‘Old Homestead’ down on west 14th street in Manhattan, and he’d order the biggest steak they had. Could he eat! (To look at him you knew that was true.) And could he cook, too! Vic would occasionally have a dinner party for his closest friends and also invite 2 or 3 available “models” he’d have found, typically, at the Port Authority at 42nd Street and 8th Avenue. (In the early 80’s “the Port” was the place you’d pick up young hustlers). His dining room table would be loaded down with salads, roast pork, roast beef, chicken, macaroni and cheese, steamed vegetables, pasta, and all kinds of desserts. We (his dinner guests) were all into the macho “street trade” LFC is known for, so his dessert, basically, was an opportunity to go into his bedroom with one of the boyz from the port! The young men got a great meal, unlimited booze, admiring new “fans”, blow jobs, and great tips! To be invited to one of Vic’s dinner parties was a gay man’s fantasy come true!

    The fact that M. Vic Mann performed in so many Latino Fan Club videos was controversial. To be frank, many emails expressed their amazement that an overweight man like Vic would be included in an adult video. I would even say most viewers didn’t “get it”. But his fans “got it”, and will tell you why they love his many videos. What turns us on sexually as human beings is a very complicated phenomenon, we all know. One “fantasy” many of us have is to see an almost “impossible to have” masculine, “straight” man, for example, on the street, and to somehow seduce him, and “service him”. This exciting challenge (”chase”) seems to heighten our anticipation, and then to actually “capture” this prize would be the “biggest payoff”. As the viewer watches a scene where Vic meets a young ruffneck on the street, and talks to him, the observer often can identify with Vic, in that many of his fans are not young anymore, and perhaps even overweight, and/or have no opportunities to live out this fantasy in their real lives. So here’s Vic, able to “get” exactly what he wants, sexually, and enjoy his achievement!

    Vic’s contribution to the Latino Fan Club’s success cannot be measured. A large percentage of the exciting young men appearing in our videos were discovered by Vic. His “conquests” were many. His ability to persuade even the (seemingly) most “dangerous” men to be in hard-core scenes was legendary. Probably the video most closely related to Vic’s real life is the M. Vic Mann/Latino Fan Club co-production, “TRADE SHOW”. It almost gives away Vic’s “secret” pick-up techniques while showcasing his newest discoveries. (Remember, these men, in real life, originally had been picked-up by Vic for his personal pleasure, before appearing in the video production!).

    Mr. Mann certainly lived life to the hilt. He’d be the first to admit he enjoyed way more than “his share” of sex partners. Vic, for many years (before I’d met him) lived with someone who was the love of his life. His many interests included a love of Egyptology (he claimed he could read Egyptian hieroglyphics as a child) and felt he was a Pharaoh in a former life. He was also an expert photographer and director, with his own productions of “DOMINICAN ADVENTURES” and “HOMEBOY HOODLUMS”. I owe much to Vic, and will miss him very much.
  • ----Brian Brennan
We received this from photographer/director Jaye Colina:

I of course saw Vic in numerous LFC productions before actually meeting him at the Fairgate parties (he was the "doorman" at one) and then hanging out with the LFC crew & later, while working on productions. I learned some good technical things about movie making from him.

Two choice memories are from our work on "Beach Blanket Bicho" in 1996: one was his desire to instruct the models while acting as second cameraman for the (last) orgy scene -- you can't keep a talented director down -- and his being told that his voice would appear on the sound track! The other is Vic's wonderful cameo as the beach club's janitor before the final credits. Despite our taping it out of order, he instinctively understood the scene immediately after only a brief explanation, and contributed to its being what I consider my favorite moment in the whole video. He truly was "larger than life!"

Emails from some of 'Vic's' friends:

(If you'd like to send one we can add, please do--

I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of my old friend M Vic Mann. I had the privilege  of both working with him and being a friend. He lived his life on his own terms, and truly was "larger than life". He had one hell of a ride in this life, and wouldn't have had it any other way! Truly the end of an era. -Adam Balm
hi D---...
No doubt there was only one M---.[ "Vic"] I loved his humorous way of responding. his stubbornness was a brick wall. I remember visiting him, I remember that legendary orchard beach day with Roy in tow with his black corduroy jeans in July. I mean how dare he speak his opinion to mark when mark disagrees. oh well you know him better than anybody. you know I thought it was foolish of him to stop speaking with you. m---'s world is a complete fascination. I'm especially glad that you had contacted him (again) to put things back in proper order. his health was always an issue and I can't image how that scooter spill affected him. ['Vic' was struck by a cab 7 months ago] it saddens me to know that m--- is no longer with us. I leave it as those few words for the moment. thank you for informing me its greatly appreciated.
hope your doing well, give my regards to freeman, best wishes to all, ----"R"
in keeping ones funny side up and knowing how particular m--- is and leaving religion out of it. I know he wanted an ATM machine on his grave for his favorites but that's not likely to happen. knowing m---- he would be happy I said that.

oh wow sorry to hear that he was such a character and great help to you making the Latino fan club succeed he had his own fan club of queens who saw themselves in his part's in the videos he had nine lives all the health scares he had and overcame but the last accident he suffered was so severe that his heart couldn't take the pain and he just gave up the fight to make it back to health I know you and him have a long friendship and you were close but we all have a limited time left and the sands of time are running out for all of us I just told a friend in 12 years I will be 70 it seems time is accelerating as we age wow you should share all the great storys you and m--- ["Vic"] had in building up the latino fan club brand and how much help he was in the videos and recruiting all those hot papa's he found and sucked off you should create a collection of all his greatest suck scenes through the years as a tribute to m---. "mr jam"

Hi D---
I am so sorry to hear of M---'s passing. I read your memorial page for him and it was just perfect
I am down in Santo Domingo, opening a new bar with a friend check it out when you have a moment
Best regards,
Hi D---,
First of all, my condolences with the passing of M---. He certainly was an interesting person, and I must say that I admired the way he pursued his love for young Latinos. Yeah, I still have some of the movies in which he featured the scenes with a script that we knew by heart and that ran off like clockwork. One had to give it to him; he knew how to pull it off, smoothly. It worked 99% of the time, and he was willing to take that risk. I guess we each have our own arsenal of techniques. M--- was some guy. I know you and I will always remember him, even with fondness.

Gilbert Mountaincross

Just wanted to send my condolences to the Latino Fan Club regarding M. Vic Mann's passing. I didn't know until i looked at the website. His mouth was incredible and some of my favorite scenes featuring him were from "LATIN T-ROOM", "MACHISMO" and "TRADE SHOW". His sucking was stellar and may he REST IN PEACE! - 9NY

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