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NEW: APRIL 2, 2014
Credit: Google Images

My Saggers SEARCH continued this past Saturday at the annual New York City Puerto Rican Day Street Fair... with lots of sexy papis showing off their mocha bods... CLICK ON the picture to view:

UPDATE: 8/1/10 from MetroNY:


It's not illegal to wear low-slung pants, a New York City judge ruled, just distasteful. Bronx resident Julio Martinez was issued a summons by a police officer in April for wearing baggy pants. But Judge Ruben Franco decreed: "While most of us may consider it distasteful, and indeed foolish, [speak for yourself, judge!] to wear one's pants so low as to expose the underwear-- people can dress as they please."

Added June 27

This is my first blog, and I'm making a video blog--or diary I guess you could call it, of all the saggers I can find-- I'm on the hunt in NYC, walking behind the cutest be-hinds I can find and trying to get them on vid without getting caught! If you don't know what saggers are by now, just google the word and you'll find lots of sagger websites to answer that. For eye-candy, go to google images and type in saggers and you'll see some fine-ass boyz with their pants down and boxers up!

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If you want to see more about saggers:

(video above)

The young man on the right wore white "long johns" that clung to his small round butt-cheeks...you really had to concentrate to catch a glimpse as he walked along 14th street with his buddy...

I'm all over Manhattan almost everyday, and I've started to keep my Sony 'Cyber-shot' in my coat pocket at all times. Nice hobby, collecting... to avoid legal problems, I'll keep their faces out of the pictures, but trust me, I'm only shooting the FINEST young ruffnecks this big city has to offer! I can't wait for the summer-- it's hard right now to capture them with their big winter coats covering up the good stuff... let me know what you think, and I'll be putting up new vid as often as I get it... email me at:

latinofans@aol.com attn: Spy-der

and MORE about saggers from the New York Times!


On the hunt, I've been carrying my Sony everyday, and this morning I'm waiting for the 6 train at 116th st. I'm taking some packages to the post office on 124th street (Yes, we ship out every DVD order the same day we get it online or in the mail). Because of the heavy snow here in Manhattan, the boyz are all bundled up and not showing much butt, but I'm trying anyway. As the train pulls in, a cute latino, about 18 or 19 is boarding with his girlfriend.

(See video) It's not much of a catch, but his boxers are showing over his belt-- a junior sagger in the making.... Hurry SPRING! I wanna bag some big ones!

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3/25/10 (Photos, right)

New York's METRO news' front page story about SAGGERS stated: "Outlawing bad habits seems politically hip these days. What's next? Outlawing pants hanging off your buttocks like one city pol suggests?" The article goes on to say" "So are we becoming a nation of nanny-government interventionists?" (Big Brother Is Watching) New York City was once called "Fun City" back in the day... Right now the city has banned: smoking almost everywhere, trans fat in restaurants and now proposes: use of salt in restaurants, baked goods at school fundraisers and sagging pants!


The weather's getting better- and the boyz are shedding a couple of layers, but still I haven't seen anything sensational-- Here's a cute 18 year-old-ish Puerto Rican ruffneck in front of a Burger King-so I went inside, turned on my little 'Cyber-shot' and got him coming out... hope to have something again soon!

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Now this was a little embarrassing, having to chase this young ruffneck, but once I catch up to him, you can see some white cotton briefs clinging to his tight round butt cheeks! Try clicking once to freeze the picture for a better inspection... I'd say he was about 18 or 19 and totally unaware that he was being "stalked" and captured on video! Better weather on the way!

BELOW: 4/2/10
0Ooooo! The "grownups" are in a tizzy!
Above: 4/11/10-- subway...
NEW 5/20/10: On the platform, a guy and his girl, then, A sagger pulls up his pants...then, in the subway car, tried to get a shot of a couple of guys showing a lot of their boxers...the last shot, just the cutest little butt on the cutest little (barely 18)-year old Puerto Rican student.... notice the steel bar is wedged in his butt crack! Weather is getting very warm now....
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Hey "Spyder"- Thanks for your coverage of the Puerto Rican streetfair of last weekend-- you managed to capture some of the sexiest papis there. I remember in years past all the young men showing off their pecs and abs when the parade ended up in Central Park- and it was a real crazy celebration. I discovered a line of men waiting to go into the mens room halfway down the stone steps to the fountain-- and once inside, it was a voyeurs' paradise! The large room had a four foot wall down the middle with about 20 urinals on both sides. You could easily look down the lines of men pissing and get a nice look at all the cocks! A lot of the papis had been drinking and had a lot of piss to unload and stood a foot or so away from the urinals letting anyone who was interested see what they were packin'! In the back of the tiled room a couple of outrageous queens flirted with the men and even took a guy or two into the privacy of the stalls for who knows what! What a day! Anyone out there remember this? ---Ronald B., Bronx, N.Y.
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