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We found our 'ANGEL'!!

After an 'international, INTERNET' hunt for the lead character to play "Angel" , producer/director RAY ROCK came to the rescue when he discovered New York City homeboy "E-Money" and sent him to us!

E-Money is the PERFECT "ANGEL" with his macho, super-cute, "young-and-innocent" personality, and his HUGE, UNCUT Latin dick!

We wasted no time in getting him before our cameras where he turned in a fantastically HOT performance!

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By Oliver Penn

ANGEL is a “big man on campus” who loses his part-time job and has no money towards tuition at the University. A procurer has plans to set him up with a pimp at an escort service. E-Money, who plays the title character is dressed like many college students (sloppy with baggy clothes) and <i>not</i> really looking like a scholar or a male hustler.

BTW, Angel got fired from his job because his boss caught him jerking off to some straight porn. That’s weak.

Tato, star of “Jackknives,” “Doin’ Hardtime” and many others, has been coaxed out of retirement to play the pimp. During his years in films, he played the straight dude who always ended up getting fucked. Always a decent actor, he’s perfect as the sleazy flesh peddler who’s hungry to test what Angel is “working with.” Str8 Angel is reluctant, but he allows Tato to blow him.

Two of Tato’s top hustlers are bored watching television, so they decide to sample one another’s wares. Alejandro and Rhythm are two fine studs and as one might expect, both are packin’ impressive porn wood. We hear a lot of macho dirty talk here and they suck cock with passion. I was surprised when the fucking started with handsome Rhythm bottoming for Alex. This is my first time seeing him, so I thought that the “more experienced” Alex would give his buddy some manpussy. Hummm…the result proves that this “ain’t” the <i>first</i> time Rhythm’s been fucked! Big loads.

<i>College boy by day…hustler by night,</i> Angel has a date. Wearing a red do-rag (and looking extra hot), Angel meets photographer, Vic Mann, who blows him while Angel smokes and watches a porn DVD. For his services, he earns $300 and a regular gig with Mr. Mann.

Q. T. (aka Lil’ Bam) is Angel’s curious roommate, who wants to know if Angel has a job since he’s bought his books and paid his tuition. Angel reluctantly confesses that he’s using his “money-maker” to get money. Q. T. wants some of that action as a hustler and blows Angel to show that he’s serious about joining up.

The next day, Q.T. visits Freeman who “tests” guys before sending them to Tato. He guides his cock down Q. T.’s throat, takes his pants down and fucks the shit out of him sidesaddle and then shoves his legs up and back. Nice deep fucking.

This was nicely shot with great outdoor transition shots of college campuses, New York street locales and indoor settings. Great cam work during the fuck sequences, which showed the men’s bodies for maximum ogling. The pace was on the languid side, but things moved along nicely once the sex got going.

Cast: E-Money, Tato, Freeman, Alejandro, Rhythm, M. Vic Mann, Q. T., Brian Brennan (non-sex role).

Studio: Latino Fan Club Director: Brian Brennan Time: 65 Year: 8/2006

Extra: Chapters; Feature: Confessions of a Real Hustler (Julio Nieves talks about his life as a male whore.)
Tag: College student by day, hustler by night. Angel needs money and men are paying.


Reviewed by FLESHBOT website:

ANGEL is the latest title from the Latino Fan Club, the oldest and largest pinga-flavored gay porn production company and a favorite for anyone whose idea of "Latin" is more South Bronx than South Beach. The film boasts ab-tatstic and hung E-Z Money starring as (what else?) a hustlin' pretty boy thug trying to keep a few bucks in his pocket and his school fees paid on time. ("College student by day, hustler by night!" screams the title on the box cover, a none-too-subtle reminder of our last two BFs.) We're thinking Angel is an applied physics major because in the first scene he provides an excellent tutorial on the joys of Ambidexterity 101; as for any other extracurricular activities he gets involved in ... well, you'll just have to check it out for yourself. -RM