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by "J"


Welcome Fellow LFC bloggers and visitors to Hector’s Crib where the stories cum steamin’ hot and funky. I’m "J", the moderator. Here is how my blog works. I will write a short, erotic story passage that gently touches on an issue such as alcoholism or sexual taboos, the main focus being on the erotic aspect, you, the visitor to my blog gets to react and comment and give your reactions to the story passage. There. It’s just that simple. But first, before we get started, I’d like to introduce myself a little more. I’m the guy in "The Down Deep Trilogy". Yes, that very self same black dude who took Hector’s gigantic pinga all the way to the tonsils and then up the old tail-pipe. Yep. That’s me. "J". Love me, or leave me alone. If you have an LFC V.I.P. pass, then you’ve probably already read all three of my erotica stories. So that we’re all on the same page, the Down Deep stories were fictional, meant solely for your entertainment. Although in real life I did know a cat named Bobby, and he did give me a blow job in the hospital when my hand was injured in a punch press. And yes it felt absolutely scrump. And, yes, Bobby took the load. As far as the men’s room scene in the first installment goes; yes, there was, in fact, a hot spot in the mall, and I did have my favorite stall, that is, before the place closed down. And yes, there was a gay bar called The Dominoes, but it closed, too. And no, there is no place in Cleveland called The Gay Blade. So don’t catch a Grey Hound Bus, y’all, and pack up yo’ Kentucky Fried Chicken, Extra Crispy, and come all the way to Cleveland tryin’ to find it. It doesn’t exist. And as far as my havin’ a Latino lover, I wish like hell I could say I know a real live stud named Hector, and that we are red-hot lovers -- but it jus…ain’t…so. Sure wish it was. But I’m workin’ on it. Hopefully, in my blog, some of you hot Latino guys, who dig blacks, can give me a few pointers. I sure could use some. Maybe you can suggest a story passage on the topic. As far as how I look, I’m masculine, 5 feet 10, nice proportionate body, decent biceps and a seriously uncut cock (fo’ real). I’m brown-skinned, long-haired, sportin’ the Retro-Hippy-With-Head-Band-Look. We’ll save some personal stuff for later. Like how big, fat-headed and juicy my pinga is, and how round and plump my booty is, and how pretty I think I am – and how deep I REALLY goes…etc. But for now, lets briefly explore the premise of the series of story passages that will appear, soon, on my blog. It helps if you’ve read the third installment of The Down Deep Trilogy, but I will attempt to quickly summarize the premise. Hector, who is a fictional character in Down Deep, has an alcohol problem. He’s a divorced bisexual, a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. He’s also quite an artist. I ("J") moved in with Hector at his crib, and we are giving our fledgling gay relationship (See steamy end of third installment of Down Deep for all the juicy details) a whack at it. I, too, am fictionalized. I’m a cab driver. Because of Hector’s problems with alcohol, he needs a roomy to help with the rent. He’s recently been laid off from his construction job. Since he’s home alone, he sketches and paints murals with his spare time. That, my fellow bloggers, LFC fanatics and visitors, et al, is the premise of my blog. Of course, if you have any ideas of your own, of hot, erotic, story passage topics you’re just dyin’ to have written into a story passage and want me to treat in my blog, feel free to briefly summarize it. Who knows, if it’s hot and funky enough, I might just sit down and pen a story, with your title, and enter it in my blog. So until then, or until I pen the first story passage...




Blog comes from the word Weblog (We…blog). The user of a blog makes entries in (publishes to) and adds material to his blog. Technically, a "blogger" refers to a service that provides Web-based tools used by individuals to publish to the Web. In this instance, the service provider (i.e. blogger) is Latino Fan Club. The LFC staff manually services this blog and edits its contents.

So that we have maximum fun and entertainment value with this blog, I am actively soliciting (i.e. encouraging) visitors to this Website, who read Hector's Crib, to please comment on its contents. This blog is here -- for you -- the LFC fans and LFC models, so that we can interact with one another, as a community. For sure, we all have something in common: our fondness for LFC and the many, many extraordinarily sexy, handsome, hairy latino and black male models who appear on the Website and in videos and DVDs and bless us with their awesome presence. So here’s your opportunity to be closer knit, to be more than just a visitor, to actually be a part of something INTERACTIVE that allows you to communicate your ideas and feelings to other LFC fans. So please, please, please comment. And that invitation goes out to LFC models and LFC staff as well. If you want to get me all stimulated, hot and bothered, wantin’ to write erotic passages that make your boners rise and your boy-tits hard, then send your comments to:

latinofans@aol.com. Write: HECTOR’S CRIB in the subject line. NO ATTACHMENTS. Write your comments in the normal space provided (message window) for your e-mail so that the LFC staff can CUT and PASTE it onto my blog.

Thank you.



And now, the movie folks. So sit back. Grab yourself some popcorn and milk duds and enjoy the show. No talking in the theatre, please!


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Hola. Me llamo Hector. Hector Vasguez. Vivo aqui con mi novio, "J." Perdoname. Oops. Forgot. English. Right? Let me start over. Hello. My name is Hector. I live here with my lover, J. It’s my crib. I was laid off. J rooms here, helps out wit da rent. He don’t know it, but today I found out I’m to return to work, pronto. It’s good news! And to celebrate, I created a very, very special Halloween surprise—just for J. My way of showin’ him…Hold up! That’s him now! SHUSH. Don’t say a word.

J ENTERS THE APARTMENT: "What da fuck?! Hector must have gone completely bananas. Look at this place. Paper crepe, paint, his tool box in the middle of the damn flo’. If he thinks I’m goin’ to clean up all dis shit, he’s gone loco en la cabeza. Man! What has gotten into his mind?! And where is he, anyways. I’m horny as hell. He better be on his way. Shit. My 9-iron been driven me crazy all day long. I could plug a rhinoceros, right now. To say nothin’ of chokin’ on horse dick. I need a cold shower. Quick!" I say.

I takes off my jacket and hangs it up, sits on a chair and pulls off my shoes. A beat later, I’m butt naked. I goes to the closet and pulls down a robe and towel and walks into the bathroom. Hector has the partition between the toilet and the bathtub completely draped over, or more correctly, papered over. Why? I don’t know. I lays my towel and robe over the partition, whips out my dick and takes a leak. I gets into the shower. The water feels great. I soaps myself up good, all over, enjoying the water cascading over my caramel brown body. NOISE. I cuts off the shower, wipes soap from around my eyes so I can see what’s going on. SILENCE. "Must be my imagination," I think. I turn the shower water back on and continues soothing my body all over with suds. When I am done I comes out and grabs the towel. I dry myself. I turn to where I left my robe, only to find some kind of costume in its place. There’s a note penned to the costume in Hector’s hand-writing. It reads simply: "Put it on!" Just like Hector to bark off orders. My hands go to my hips. I examines the costume Hector provided. It’s a Vulture Man costume, complete with feathery wings on either side. My boner sticks up straight. It reminds me how horny I am. Not wanting to waste anymore time than necessary, I slides my legs into the Vulture Man costume. Soon I’m suited up. "What next?!" I ponder to myself as I walk towards the bedroom and opens the door. There sits Hector, dressed like Spider-Man, perched up against the headborads, reading aloud from a Spider-Man comic book. "I’ll just shoot my web towards the top and OH, NO! The ejector is empty," Hector reads. He grins, puts down the comic book, spreads his hairy Latino legs wide open, exposing his huge tool. It is limp. It dangles downwards from Hector’s mid-section, long and totally uncut, the bulbous head covered in foreskin. "That’s my cue," I think. Dressed as Vulture Man, I climbs into the bed, headed straight for Hector’s pinga. Hector GIGGLES, slides quickly out of the bed and moves out of the bedroom, the back of his Spider-Man costume exposing his Scarface-esque hairy butt. Me and my 9-iron sit patiently in bed waiting for what seems an eternity. Hector returns, Spider Man suit and all, and immediately crawls right into the bed, making his way, inexorably, towards my opened mouth. He straddles my face, legs wide open, cock dangling limply over my moist, hot mouth. I lick my lips, then licks Hector’s dick. I kiss it, then very slowly pulls the foreskin into my mouth with my lips, caressing it with my tongue, more and more of it, until Hector’s truly massive cock head fills my entire face. "Mmmmmmmmmmm," I moan. "Mmmmmmmmm!" "Suck it, J," says Hector. "Suck my big, thick, Puerto Rican dick." And so I did. I started slowly to suck Hector’s mammoth cock, as he bends over my face, legs flung wide, nuts hanging down, flirting with my chin. I moves under Hector now, sucks his nuts. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Hector exclaims. "Do it, J!…Do it!" I sucks my way past Hector’s balls, up, up, up I go to his man-hole. I stretches his buns open with my fingers and feels my way with my tongue to the hole. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Hector cries. I scoots my head up and over until my face and Hector’s boy-hole become one mass of throbbing flesh. I strokes his ass-hole deeper and deeper with my tongue, flicks my tongue in and out of his delicious man-hole, wanting to bury my whole face inside him. Hector works with me, brings it closer to me, pushes my head close to him, my tongue now deep inside of him. I rims it hard and deep. SLAPS Hector’s buttocks with my hand. Pulls him even closer. (FAST FORWARD)…
To Hector, his cock gloved in a magnum-size condom, going in me side-ways, my legs spread wide open. Hector Probes my ass deep with his huge pinga, in and out, in and out. I cry out, half in pleasure, half in pain, holding onto Hector’s butt with one hand and stroking my own cock with the other. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, shyt!…Fuck me, Papi!" I hear myself yell. "Fuck me!" And so he did. Hector fucks me hard and deep. SLAPS my BUTT hard and rams his over-size cock all the way inside me. BAM! "Ohhhhhhhhh," I say. BAM! Hector hits it again. Spider Man is fuckin’ the shit outta Vulture Man. My Vulture Man wings are penned back against the pillow, the small bird hole in the back of the costume has been torn open by Spider Man’s probing. Just when I think my prostate gland is going to bust, Hector cums, SCREEEEEEEEAMS, in ecstasy. Hitting me harder than ever, then finally EXHALING in absolute pleasure. Vulture Man rises up slowly, less one wing. The other wing lies on the pillow where I was. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mercy!" I say, as I make a beeline towards the bathroom. Once there, I pull the bottoms down on the Vulture Man costume and heaves my business into the toilet. The toilet RUMBLES its disapproval. I reach for the toilet paper and notices that the covering on the partition has been removed. A gigantic mural has been painted onto it, a huge, hairy pair of buttocks with legs extending down and a massive torso streaming up. "Ohhhhhhhhhh, shyt!" "No he DIDN’T," I think to myself. But there it was. In the bathroom. A man’s buttocks with an 8-inch diameter glory hole, drilled through. At the very top of the mural, in multi-colored calligraphy are the words:


As I finished cleaning myself and FLUSHES the TOILET, a flash streams past. I hear Hector’s VOICE from behind the other side of the partition. "Put it through!" Hector demands. And so I did. My 9-iron, stiff as a stick, raises its uncut black cock-head, straight up. BOING!!! I gets up and does as Hector had demanded, pushes my cock through the giant buttocks hole of the mural and waited. Hector takes his time. Teases the foreskin on my cock-head with his hot, Puerto Rican tongue. Kisses it. Licks it. Then all of a sudden SWALLOWS IT WHOLE. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm," Papi, I scream. "Do it again. Do it again." Hector obliges. He sucks the length of my cock like a vacuum. SUUUUUCK!!! SLURP!!! Then he grabs it and pulls it all the way over, making my balls glide over the glory hole and land onto the other side of the partition. I’m holding onto the top of the partition now, being pulled by Hector. He starts in, in earnest, sucking my big, black, hungry cock. Works it with his mouth. Then suddenly nothing. SILENCE. I wait for an eternity for what is to come next. Then I felt it. A condom being fitted over my cock, then the moist, juiciness of Hector’s hairy man-hole gliding, easily, over my hungry cock-head, slowly consuming the shaft. Deeper and deeper. Down deep to the root. Hector’s ass gropes for my cock, tightens then loosens, tightens then loosens. Suddenly, it backs up all the way onto my balls and stays there. "That’s my cue," I think. I pumps into the huge buttocks of the mural. Slow at first, then fast. Faster. "Fuck me, J" I hear Hector exclaim. And so I did. I hit that glory hole with all that was penned up inside me. All the day’s frustration took a back seat as I hammered into that glory hole, beating it like crazy, hitting it harder and harder, until all at once, my body starts to quiver, seems to have a life all its own. The hips work all by themselves. I feel my arms pull up on the partition as my legs brace the wall and I pounds the glory hole even more. When I feel myself about to cum, I eases my feet off the wall, straightens up and pulls my cock out of Hector’s ass. I BLAST my load into the toilet and SCREEEEAMS in absolute delirium. Beat. Spider Man comes around the partition and meets with Vulture Man. The two comic book characters smile ear-to-ear, hold each other close, kiss lenga a lenga, lips to lips – in complete harmony. "HAPPY HALLOWEEN," says Hector and J, "to all the loyal fans of The Latino Fan Club."



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