" hot I came along with the shot, and declare it one of the best orals I've seen this year... Alejandro really shines here (he bottoms!)... the Q.T. and Rodrigo oral scene one of the year's best."--Rick W. Ski -
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Despite a too-short running time overall, this hot Latino Fan Club entry offers up a few massive facial cumdumps, Alejandro topping as well as bottoming, and a truly stroke-worthy (albeit also too short) oral scene between Q.T. and Rodrigo that we totally fucking loved.
-Keeneye Reeves


We open at the office of Big Town Video Productions, with super-delicious Alejandro having a cell-phone walkie-talkie argument with a business associate before cutting to dark-skinned cutie Rambo falling asleep at his computer terminal and dreaming about hottie Miguel walking around in his birthday suit while stacking shelves and cleaning the office. We cut to Rambo's "dream" in which Miguel strokes his juicy uncut member and dumps a nice load upon himself.

Next we find a shirt-and-tie wearing Tato bitching out a client on the phone while Jay works nearby. In his dream, Tato makes eyes and beckons Jay over, who soon drops his drawers and grey boxerbriefs to reveal a thick piece of uncut worker meat surrounded by a nice thatch of unruly pubes. Tato sucks Jay deep and lovely, and is rewarded with a globby coating of boy-spackle on his right cheek.

Employee of the month
Alejandro (he'd be the "Employee of All Time" if he worked for me) stops by Jay's twin brother's spot (also played by Jay, with longer hair) to give him a drug test. Alejandro threatens with either turning twinboy in or "sampling" his piece - which has miraculously poked out of his loose-fitting boxers. Alejandro goes to town, sucking and tonguing twinboy's foreskin. (FYI: The sound drops out for a few minutes for some reason.) After a bit of sucking both boyz head to the shower, soaping each other before Alejandro resumes sucking and both jerk their meat. Oddly edited, it ends with no cumshots (yet) and cuts back to the office.

We find Q.T. (goateed, glasses) hitting up Rodrigo (long Roman nose, Middle-Eastern looking) for the money he owes him from a past bet. Q.T. offers self-professed straightboi Rodrigo a chance to pay it off by letting Q.T. suck him off. Rodrigo has, in the words of Q.T., "a
beautiful dick there, baby" and I have to agree - it's long, thick, nicely veined, and with a chewy foreskin-covered head. Q.T. uses his pierced tongue to do that head, shaft and balls lovely, as evidenced by Rodrigo's moans. Lots of teasing by Rodrigo here, gently tapping Q.T.'s lips, mouth, face and cheeks, before Q.T. goes deep on that thing. Rodrigo intones "Man, you're a great cocksucker" and "Suck that cock" before suddenly letting loose with a massive catapult of thick white ropes across the entire left side of Q.T.'s face.

Gotta tell ya, it took me by surprise, too, was so hot I came along with the shot, and declare it one of the best orals I've seen this year.

Cut back to Jay and Alejandro emerging from the bathroom and onto a bed, in which gym-built horsedicked hottie Alejandro actually bottoms for the slimmer, hairier Jay. (Ok, Alejandro is now officially my boyfriend.) After a few moments of poking, Jay drops a rather lame load on Alejandro's cheeks, who jerks himself off a better one.

We cut to the warehouse and Tato (now also sporting more hair than before) putting the moves on Angel, who resists and "shoos" Tato away. Tato persists, and Angel finally gives in by unbuckling his jeans ("I'll help you") and revealing a dark, soft, uncut meatstick. Tato starts sucking, and although it takes a few minutes for Angel to grow, eventually he does and rewards Tato with a nice upturned cock with which to ply his trade upon. Nothing great here, and after some editing fades Angel cums on Tato's (now shirtless) upper chest.

Lastly we see Alejandro being driven around NYC, eventually relaxing in wife-beater and shorts on his sofa, making a call to escort J.T. (Why the filmmakers bothered showing Alejandro needing to call an escort is beyond me, as most Latin lovin' guys would pounce on his shit in like two seconds flat.) J.T. arrives and soon both boiz are nekkid and goin' at it. Alejandro sucks for a few before both are side-by-side on the sofa jacking. J.T. then goes down on Alejandro, sucking that gasp-inducing meat with much love. Soon Alejandro pops on a rubber, lays J.T. on his back on the sofa, and starts plugging hookerboy's hot hole. Alejandro's style is jackrabbit quick fuck followed by long strokes, and I love him for it. The sex is over a bit too soon, but by fuck's end both have dumped tasty flan-wads.

The video itself ends, and we are then treated to what is referred to as a Bonus Feature entitled "Latin Eye Candy Volume Two," which is essentially a 9-minute solo by Casanova, who does a good job of talking dirty to the camera and showing off his decent-sized uncut piece and spurting a load. The disc closes out with about two minutes of semi-amusing outtakes and bloopers, including another shot (pun intended) of the mega-cumblast that Rodrigo coats Q.T.'s face with.

While super-hot in spots, the video's short running time (about 55 minutes) is a bit of a let-down, and Rambo's listing in the cast is negligible; he's on camera for like five seconds, falls asleep, and dreams about Miguel jerking off. Done. The sound drop-out during the aforementioned Alejandro scene is off-putting too, but I'll deal.

LFC knows how to work it out; they just need to beef up the content and running time a bit to make their flicks worth owning rather than renting. But
Alejandro really shines here (he bottoms!), and the Q.T. and Rodrigo oral scene (short as it may be) is one of the year's best. I'm hard... and I'm at work... so this one scores in my book.
-Rick W. Ski

Another review:

Hard At Work
By Oliver Penn

I believe in using tried and true themes; they never fail to spark the libido. Sub-titled: “They Gave At The Office” is fitting. Thousands of weak-fleshed office workers, all over the world, are in shadowy corners fucking like minks. Hell, the spouse is safe at home and this whore wants to fuck!

Latino Fan Club’s HARD AT WORK features the employees of Big Town Video Productions. Work concentration here is difficult, for the men are horny and sexually immoral. Perfect combination, huh? Boss (Rambo) falls asleep and dreams that janitor (Miguel) is working nude and/or in skimpy attire, even jerking his thick rod to climax.

The cute dudes around the office constantly distract Tato from his job. He fantasizes forcing himself on young, big-dicked (Jay) telling him, Shut the fuck up, I’m the boss. Take your dick out! With that, he sucks the boy’s ultra hairy dick and balls ‘till the dude is moaning, talking dirty and cumming on Tato’s face.

The next scene is obviously from another movie. Anyway, Alejandro visits Jay’s “twin brother” (played by Jay) with the sole purpose of getting down with the dude. He sucks on Jay’s pinga grande, they take a shower and then hit the sheets where Alejandro gets what he came for – a big dick plunging his macho behind in a blistering fuck.

Back at the office, Q. T. aka Lil’ Bam, asks Rodrigo for the money he borrowed. Broke, all he has to offer is his big dick, which is what Q.T.’d rather have instead. It’s a big furry package and the brazen Q.T., who’s an expert at playing the aggressive whore, is quite the seducer. Soon, the hetero Rodrigo is feeding wood to Q.T.’s fiery mouth, cumming gallons on his face.

Tato is at it again. He manhandles str8 Angel who resists at first but wants to keep his job. Not only does he enjoy the blowjob, he wants to know if he can get this as a daily fringe benefit.

A hustler that Alejandro has hired shows up and tells him that I do just about anything, when asked about his limitations. Alex and J. T. do what depraved men are expected of them – smoke cock and fuck hard. With legs lewdly spread wide, J. T. takes a rough drilling. Intense, vulgar fucking here.

Another enjoyable presentation highlighted by well-photographed anal sex. Brian Brennan is still burning hot!

Cast: Rambo, Miguel, Tato, Jay, Alejandro, Q.T. aka Lil’ Bam, Rodrigo, Angel, J. T.

Studio: Latino Fan Club Director: Brian Brennan Year: 10/2006

Tag: Take the “no” factor (women) out of the horny workplace and you have depraved men who’ll say “yes” to offers of raunchy sex. These Latin hunks literally “give at the office.”

Extras: Scene Selection; Bonus Feature (Eye Candy Pt. 2 w/ Cassanova); Outtakes; Behind-The-Scenes; Website Information.

Cast listed in order of appearance. Box Cover: Rodrigo, top right - Jay, Alejandro, Miguel, Q.T. aka Lil’ Bam.