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New Latin Gold
Latino Fan Club // $49.95
Review by Poindexter | posted April 13, 2007

Highly Recommended

Directed By: Brian Brennan

Cast: Dolo, Rambo, E-Money, Q,T., Panther, June, Macho, Izzy, Image, Carlos, Creem, Midnight, Oliver, J.T., Tariq.

The Movie:

A compilation of the hottest scenes from some of Latino Fan Club's recent hits "Rocky Ruiz", "Angel", "Nine Inch NuYoricans", "Boys N the Crib 3", and "Latin Lollipops".

The Dudes:

These streetwise NYC Latino dudes are all hot with toned/smooth bodies, cool tattoos, short dark hair, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and large uncut and cut cocks.

"Rocky Ruiz":

Rambo (good-looking with shaved head and toned/smooth body) is rubbing Dolo's (hot with short dark hair, goatee, toned/smooth/tattooed body) obvious tube steak through the thin material of his boxer shorts. Rambo pulls 'em down revealing shortly trimmed pubes and a large uncut tool with plenty of foreskin. Rambo grabs that cock stroking the shaft, kissing the covered knob, and mouths those plump balls with loud slurping noises. Dolo fucks Rambo's face with fast 'n smooth strokes. There's a very hot camera shot from behind of Dolo straddling Rambo screwing his mouth while showing off his hot butt and hairy crack and nuts. Dolo fucks Rambo for a very short time from behind (with condom) quickly sliding in and out of that tight bunghole. Dolo jacks Rambo's hard uncut cock making him shoot an enormous thick load all over his shaved pubes and stomach. Dolo cranks his pinga shooting generous thick spunk on Rambo's face.


Roommates Q.T. (good-looking with goatee, tattoos, and toned body) and E-Money (very cute with dark hair in cornrows, a little facial hair, smooth/slender build) are in their dorm room studying. Q.T. wants to know what his roomie has been up to at night since he now has plenty of money for textbooks. E-Money reluctantly tells his that his big uncut cock is his moneymaker and pulls it out for Q.T. to see. Q.T. claims to be interested in a job doing the same and takes that cock down his throat sucking it to full hardness. Q.T. gives good head deep throating, sucking nuts, and running his pierced tongue around the flared pink knob. E-Money beats his meat and shoots a thick load of juice on Q.T.'s black tee shirt. Q.T. jacks his big hard cut cock dumping a thick load of cock snot on his fist and shaved pubes.

"Nine Inch NuYoricans":

June (cute with dark hair and slender/toned body) invites Macho (very handsome Black/Latino dude with muscular body), and Panther (hot with buzzed hair and cool tattoos on his neck) over for some fun. This isn't June Cleaver, so instead of baking cookies, he wants to suck the dudes' cocks and have them fuck his tight asshole. June cuts right to the point and wants to see what the guys have to offer. Panther is first as he reveals his full brown pubes and uncut cock. Macho is next to drop his pants to show off his uncut tool. June is quite the expert as he takes a big uncut member into each hand jacking them to hardness.

June jacks Macho's hard cock working the foreskin up and over the knob as he takes Panther's dong into his mouth for some deep throat action. June switches over and gives Macho's cock some oral attention licking and sucking his foreskin-covered knob. The cocks are now fully hard and quite large. June is like a frenzied madman switching back and forth gorging himself on man meat. June licks each cock knob teasing the piss slits with the tip of his tongue using a circular technique. Macho lies back on a comfortable sofa, spreads his legs, and allows June full access to his cock and balls. June pulls his boxers down revealing nice full dark pubes and hard uncut tool. There is a nice camera shot from behind of Panther's tight dark butt hole and bubble butt as he grinds his hard cock against June's crack.

Panther slides his condom-covered cock deep into June's tight hole in the missionary position providing him with plenty of fast fucking. He pulls out and cuts loose with a thick load. Macho fucks June from behind (with condom) with quick short strokes. Dude pulls out and releases a small load of love juice on June's butt. June jacks off and shoots a large thick load on the sofa.

"Rocky Ruiz":

Izzy (hot with short dark hair, goatee, and toned/smooth/tattooed body) is receiving some excellent head from Image (handsome with short dark hair and toned/hairy body). Image definitely knows his way around a hard uncut cock twisting the hard shaft pulling the long foreskin and sucking the overhang followed by taking the whole damn thang down his gullet. The dudes climb into a side sixty-nine where they can gorge on those hard cocks until they get their fill. Moving on to a traditional sixty-nine, Izzy deep throats Image's large cut cock nursing the big flared mushroom while Image eats Izzy's tight hairy asshole. Image lovingly tongues the pucker and teasing it with his fingers. Image fucks Izzy doggy style (with condom) using long, fast 'n smooth strokes making Izzy moan and sigh. Image switches to the missionary position for some lusty strokes before pulling out and shooting a glorious thick load on Izzy's inside thigh. Not to be outdone, Izzy beats off getting a large thick nut on his stomach. Hot dudes!

"Boyz N the Crib 3":

In their Columbia University dorm room, hot Creem (short dark hair and toned/smooth body) watches straight porn while Twink Carlos (cute with short dark hair and smooth/toned body) reads a newspaper. Carlos believes porn is a waste of time but has no problem sneaking peeks at Creem as he strokes his stiff cut cock. With just a li'l coaxing, Carlos is chowing down on Creem's cock giving it a good workout. Creem teases Carlos with his tool asking "Taste good?" As Carlos suckles that veiny cock, Creem pulls those boxers down and plays with Carlos' butt....rubbing and finger fucking his tight shaved hole. Creem fucks Carlos from behind (with condom) and switches to a very hot side/missionary position followed by the traditional missionary style. This is some very hot fucking! Creme shoots a thick load on Carlos' butt. Carlos does not cum.

"Nine Inch NuYoricans":

Midnight (very handsome dude with toned body, dark hairy nipples), is taking a shower jacking his big uncut dong and rubbing his full dark pubes. He slowly towels off showing off his hot body and nice bubble butt. He sits on the sofa with a towel loosely wrapped around his waist allowing his big dick to hang out. Photographer Oliver (cute with short black hair and toned/smooth body) arrives to take some publicity stills. Oliver requests some hard-on shots from Midnight who generously offers his schlong to the horny photographer's mouth. Oliver takes Midnight's hardening cock for some deep throat action, wrapping his fist around the big tool for some jacking. Oliver pulls his own stiff uncut cock from the fly of his pants and begins to beat his meat. The dudes stand up and rub their hard cocks together in a slow sexy rhythm as Midnight feels Oliver's bum.

Midnight straddles Oliver and fucks his face allowing the viewer a nice camera shot of his hairy butt crack and balls. Hot! Oliver spreads Midnight's butt revealing his tight ultra hairy hole as he continues to have his mouth ravaged by Midnight's stiff dork. Midnight fucks Oliver in the missionary position (with condom) slowly sliding his hard cock into that tight pucker. The fucking becomes faster as Midnight nears a climax and Oliver is beating his meat. Oliver shoots a thick load on his own stomach while Midnight lets go with some thick juice on Oliver's stomach and rubs it in with his knob.

"Latin Lollipops":

Sexy J.T. (good-looking with a short buzz cut, goatee, and toned/smooth body) is sitting around when his pal Tariq (handsome with short hair, facial hair, and a single tear tattooed under one eye) come over to his apartment to hang out and get it on. The dudes sit on the large sofa watching television but are soon making out with slow deep kissing and deep wet tongue sucking. These dudes are definitely into each other. They strip down and J.T. cups Tariq's hairy butt cheeks while sucking his large uncut tool. Tariq fucks J.T.'s hungry and willing mouth cramming his big dong deep into his pal's gullet. Tariq slaps his prick on J.T.'s face and tongue using his hands to guide J.T.'s wet mouth up and down his hard shaft. He licks and sucks J.T.'s hard nipples, chest, and stomach as he works his mouth down to the big prize. Tariq grabs J.T.'s fat uncut cock with his fist jacking the heavy foreskin and cramming that meat into his gob. Tariq really feasts on that unclipped pork nursing the knob and going crazy on that dong.

Tariq sucks J.T.'s hairy nuts as J.T. pulls his pud. The dudes engage in more deep soul kissing and switching back and forth sucking each other's cocks finally settling into a side sixty-nine on the sofa where both can gorge on those stiff pingas. Hot 'n hairy balls and butt cracks are exposed. Tariq climbs on top of J.T. and the dudes rub their hard dicks together in an erotic dry hump. Tariq fucks J.T.'s tight hairy hole (with condom) in the missionary position pounding him with fast 'n hard strokes. J.T. jacks off and shoots a large thick load on his stomach. Tariq beats off and cuts loose with a big thick load of juicy goo on J.T.'s chest and nipples.



The seven scenes from various movies are shot on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography provides full coverage of all the sexual escapades with loads of groovy close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear providing loads of moaning, grunting, and growling as these dudes pleasure each other. The accompanying music is a variety of techno and soothing instrumentals.


The disc includes an interactive menu and scene selection. There are no bonus features.

Final Thoughts:

The Latino Fan Club's compilation of Director Brian Brennan's most current movies contains seven scenes with strong direction, videography, and editing. The scenes are fast paced, never become dull, and filled with sexy dudes and hot sex. The guys are clearly into the action and each other. All the dudes are appealing with some of my personal favorites being Dolo, E-Money, Panther, Izzy, and Midnight. I highly recommend for fans of good-looking Latino dudes, fans of the Latino Fan Club movies, and novices who have never watched a LFC release.




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