A real letter we just received from a customer:


I am now, officially, an initiated L.F.C. fan. The day I’d been waiting for, finally arrived -- my 10-pak order from L.F.C came in a big blue and white Priority Mail box, just as I imagined it would. What I could not have imagined, what I could not have dreamt in my wildest fantasy, was the crackerjack-prize inside those finely crafted boxes -- hour upon hour, upon hour of skillfully filmed scenes of handsome Latino studs engaged in every conceivable sex act. Stellar performances from the likes of Viper and Hush and Ponce were amply complemented by equally stellar performances from Janeiro and Chulo. And there were laughs, too. Like when M. Vic Mann tried to seduce Papi Songo to play a part in an underwear ad, and when a threesome of Ricans took to undressing a saucy homeboy, reluctant to give up his family jewels. The hottest scenes I, personally, have ever been privileged to view, however, were in Spanish Lessons and Ricans Freakin. The scene in Spanish Lessons where one guy is teaching the other how to dance Salsa was completely off-da-hook. It rang true as a bell and excited me in ways I didn’t know was possible. The top in this scene, by the way, is magnificently endowed and even more impressive in the way he drew out his unsuspecting partner, seduced him, then…Well, if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth twice the regular price and at least ten times what you pay when you buy it in a 10-pak. The final scene in Ricans Freakin where Viper and Ricardo gang up on Chulo, simply defies description. You’ll just have to buy that one and see for yourself. All in all, I got a video collection worth well over $500.00 for only $99.99 with free shipping. It’s a steal. So, one L.F.C. fanatic to another, if you haven’t yet bought your 10-pak? Don’t wait one more hot, steamy, summer day. Take it from me, hurry and order yours now! ---Mr. E. P., Cleveland, Ohio

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