Director Brian Brennan remembers...

"When I first began photographing the young Latino men I saw on the streets of New York and the barrios..."

Above: I'll blame not remembering this young man's name to "old age". If any of you guys out there remember his name, email me. I do remember "a name" that's his, but I don't know if it's his "stage name" (LOUIE?) or his real name, so I can't say it! This sweet Puerto Rican young man was a buddy of another model, I'd photographed and, he wanted to make some quick money, too, and stripping naked and being photographed was not a big deal to him. That's like so many of the boys back then (early 1990's) who, for one reason or another, didn't have a decent paying job or couldn't find one. Maybe it's too broad a generalization, but my experience photographing and video-taping Spanish boys, is that they are quite comfortable getting naked, getting a nice hard-on and showing off what Mother Nature generously gave them. Lucky me! I do remember this boy showed up for a scene where he's changing into a bathing suit, in a store dressing room set, and being fairly drunk! He could barely keep his eyes open as I 'filmed', but happily he had no problem keeping hard and getting sucked off! For all you "serious" fans and collectors out there, who'd like to see this cute stud in hard man-on-man sex, you can find him (and LOTS of other "early" discoveries from the streets of Spanish Harlem) in my "old school' retro-release LATIN GOLD in the DVD STORE. A big 2 HOUR SPECIAL DVD, and lots of early LFC footage.
How many of you remember BOBBY? When I worked with Bobby, he was always in a jovial, happy mood, and liked to joke around on set. If you remember him, he would appear at the beginning of a few features forcefully announcing, "HEY! YOU BETTER NOT BE COPYING THIS TAPE! 'CAUSE IF YOU DO, I'LL BE COMING AFTER YOUR MONKEY ASS! SO DON'T COPY THIS TAPE!"- yeah, in those early days were video was on VHS tapes, and you could hook two VHS players together, and make a copy (before CopyGuard) and before DVD and illegal free porn on the Internet! Bobby has a hot scene as a straight stud getting sucked off by Pedro, in LATIN GOLD, the 2 hour DVD you will find in the DVD STORE.
GINO came along in the early 2000's and posed for me (here in my apartment in East Harlem, also know as Spanish Harlem). Something about just wearing sneakers, a doo rag (ok, a watch and bracelet, too) made him even sexier than being totally buck naked. What do you think? You can see him in BOOGIE DOWN BRONX BOYZ getting "taken care of" by a young photographer whose publishing a book of photographs of Bronx Boyz.
If there is a TOP TEN all-time, all-star Latino Fan Club superstars list, then FREDDY MAC (or Freddie Mac, as it's also spelled sometimes) is in the TOP FIVE fan favorites, maybe the "most famous". MR. MAC has appeared in many early LFC features (including BOYS BEHIND BARS 3, LATIN GOLD, and others). When he began working in my videos I'd say he was more "gay curious" than gay. Over the years he's been seen around town (NYC) with a tighter, pumped up body no doubt admired close up by many... And I guess it goes without saying his biggest claim to fame hangs between his legs- talk about super-sized! And a friendlier guy would be hard to find...
I'm sure it's the scarlet fabric as well as the pose that reminds me of the famous Marilyn Monroe calendar photo (if you're old enough to know of this iconic image). You may also recognize this beauty, ROCKY RIVERA, who stars in ROCKY RUIZ, the story of two Latino brothers, living in a New York City barrio who must use all their "talents" to pay off the debt to a local drug dealer. Based on true stories, it also stars a big cast of horny, big dicked Spanish ruffnecks. ROCKY is from the neighborhood where my studio is located in East Harlem and once I got a look at this young man, I wrote the ROCKY RUIZ script just for him. Another lucky discovery who posesses a sweet, strong personality who was very easy to work with, and a good sport considering his natural preference for women. Rocky's cast includes FREEMAN, DOLO, NAVON, CARLOS, IZZY, IMAGE, NIGHTHAWK, WALDMAN, MACHO, JANEIRO, FLEX, ALEJANDRO, ENRIQUE and a supporting cast. I consider ROCKY RUIZ one of my most satisfying productions, in terms of storyline, realism, character, new sexy models and, of course very hot sex scenes.
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